Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 77

Discussion - Essay Example Another good impact of the association is that the rate of exchange in the various commercial transactions is relatively favorable among the three states as opposed to when a country that is not a member of the union involves herself in the commercial transactions by making a purchase of any kind (Tamara, 2011). This was through the removal of the tariffs or the taxes that were charged on various business people who took part in the importation and exportation of commodities from any of the three states. It consequently aimed at raising the wages and salaries f the employees slightly in the countries which was quite successful. This also led to the increment of job opportunities in the countries (Tamara, 2011). However despite all these moves that have been moved by the union, there are challenges that have been realized. One major failure that has hit the union is on the infrastructural development in Mexico through factories. The poor location is a big challenge as there is string and stiff completion that is posed by the workers from Asia (Tamara, 2011). The industries should be decentralized and delocalized in various parts of the Mexican country. This will be of much significance as it will not be a point of target during wars, regulating pollution in one area and also offering jobs to many (Tamara,

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